Our Mission


Creating a world where every form of consensual love and intimacy is embraced, free from the constraints of fear or judgment.


  1. Advocate for Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) as a legitimate option for adult relationships, fostering broader acceptance and understanding.
  2. Unite diverse ENM communities, facilitating connections and shared experiences among individuals with common values but varied backgrounds.
  3. Cultivate joy and celebration within our community, making fun a fundamental part of our journey together.

Core Values:

  • Community: Fostering a broad spectrum of connections, creating a space where everyone feels included and valued.
  • Service: Committing to a culture of generosity, ensuring we contribute more to our community than we receive.
  • Freedom: Empowering individuals to live authentically, free from fear or shame, in expressing their true selves.
  • Knowledge: Providing comprehensive education, resources, and support, enabling informed choices and a peaceful journey.
  • Courage: Embracing the challenges of our mission with resilience and determination, even when faced with fear.
  • Safety: Helping spaces to be more secure and respect individual consent, promoting well-being and trust.
  • Love: Fostering empathy, understanding, and compassion within our community, supporting each other to grow stronger together.